Specialized Wood Products — Your one stop wood shop!
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Welcome to Specialized Wood Products—the Wood Company known for being a little different from all the rest.

Serving both large and small customers, we can handle your wood needs that no one else will even consider.

We serve a wide range of markets including: Housing, Furniture, Cabinet, Picture Frame, Display, Remodeling, Historical Renovations, and Boating.

For 20 years we have been regarded as the “one” Company that can meet your moulding, millwork, finishing or CNC needs. We will work with orders ranging in size from 200 to 200,000 feet. We are very flexible in our scheduling which allows us to be reactive to our customer’s needs and requirements.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY, Specialized Wood makes every effort to purchase products with the least amount of impact on our environment. We have formal programs in place for air, hazardous waste, storm water and pollution prevention. Click to read more about our environmental efforts...
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